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Our Services

We offer a range of services, including new build and conversion installations as well as custom engineering solutions and electrical safety design. Send us an email or give us a call to see what we can offer you.

New Builds

The team has many years of combined experience, being part of new builds from the design and concept stage to final drawings, fit-out, and commissioning. Even construction in some steel, wooden and carbon hulls.

If you have a project you wish to discuss then please feel free to contact us –

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We have a range of experience in converting boats to electric, a knowledge and understanding of boats and their unique nature.

Among our engineers we understand this along with different hull materials and construction methods. This helps us to overcome the challenges in the conversion process. We can offer custom engineered solutions for the equipment, needed in a job along with the thoughtful designs for our own propulsion motors.

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Engineering Solutions

CAD, engineering drawing and 3D scanning

We offer CAD service including working drawings, product models, and 3D scanning.

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Electrical System Design

Electrical system design

Helps to include all equipment and understand if the system has enough capacity and how long it can run. Also useful for the larger self-installs offering drawing, including cable sizes and protection ratings

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Custom Design Systems

Solution design and engineering

This is the bread and butter of what we do, problem solving. We’ve enjoyed a range of solution design work ranging from eclectic propulsion in 80 year old wooden boats, off grid pontoon sets, new build steel utility boats and concept high efficiency hulls.

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