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Belt Drive 5

Belt Drive

This versatile power unit is great for day sailing yachts and keel boats, picnic launches and light-duty power boats.

Being air cooled allows no skin fittings making it faster and simpler to install. Pulleys and toothed belts are used to transfer the torque form the motor to a 25mm stainless shaft that runs through the base of the chassis, held through 2 frame bearings that handle all the radial and thrust loading from the propeller.

Designed for shaft driven propeller boats.

Choose from ratios to match common diesel gearboxes. (2.4:1) and (2.7:1) (for custom ratios please contact)

The target RPM for the prop shaft has a range of 950-1300 RPM. This can be programmed to suit existing propellers and stern gear capacities.

Inbuilt safety features include: Stall torque cut back, overheat, over torque, and over speed protection.

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RPM range


RPM continuous


Continuous power

5kW @ 3000 RPM

Peak power

9.4kW @ 3000 RPM

Up to 5 mins

Continuous torque


Peak torque







Technical Drawings

General Arrangement

Powerful, safe, UKCA assured

High safety assurance with built in safety programmed into every controller. This prevents damage if the system is slammed from forward – reverse, overheat shut down and restart, stall torque to prevent damage to prop and hull if obstructed, over speed protection if run out of the water or propeller ventilation occurs.
Throughout design and manufacture we work to ISO 16315 ensuring the product meets the safety standards customers deserve. We continually look at improving our methods and designs, for product safety and environmental efficiency.

UKCA Complicant
UKCA Complicant
ISO 16315
No gearbox
No gearbox
Multi directional motor
High torque at low RPM
High torque at low RPM
Characteristically high torque delivery
Lightweight construction
Lightweight construction
Lightweight aluminium construction
Smooth power delivery
Smooth power delivery
Fully thrust protected with twin bearings
Safety features built in
Safety features built in
8 built in safety features

What's in the Box

We provide the core components to get setup, you’ll need some extra parts however to have a fully functioning system.

Key switch

Motor unit


What else you’ll need

You will need a few extra components to get up and running. Here are the minimum requirements to get going.


Battery monitor


Cables + Accessories

Chargers (AC 230V)

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