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Carter 30

10kW Sail Drive

This 30ft sailing yacht originally fitted with a diesel sail drive leg, needed new propulsion as the old engine was no longer an option. Working with the customer we engineered a solution to get the boat sailing again ready for the 22 season.

Install Specifications

The technical capabilities after the upgrade to electric.

Cruising range (nautical miles)

10 using 55%

This is a variable figure, effected by tides, wind, fouling on the hull and sea state. But in general conditions the customer has recorded some healthy figures from the modest battery bank and propulsion. 10 miles is plenty for the boats intended use, with future upgrades to a lithium based pack always available.

Peak Power


With a large 15x9 folding propeller, this boat has all the power and slightly more of the original diesel engine. A fast responding punch of power this motor delivers allows the boat to meet strong tides and weather conditions and manoeuvre with confidence.

RPM Range


This 0-3000 is the capabilities of the motor, and we can programme the rev limits to suit the build. In this case it was to match the rev. range of the old diesel engine as the original leg and propeller were being used. This saved on the conversion cost.

Going electric on a Carter 30

Motor Selection

Given the hull design and existing sail drive, the obvious answer here was to adapt the existing propulsion leg to suit electric. We selected the 10Kw motor from our Belt Drive range. For economy, size and simplicity. Being air cooled its smaller than the liquid cooled equivalent power - (Direct Drive range)
This motor proved to be a great choice and the relative damp free bilge of a GRP boat poses no concern to the air cooling.

Battery and Charging

At the beginning of 22, battery technology was facing lengthy lead times, so a Lead AGM battery was selected, this was available within the time frame but also fitted with the low spend goal we were working to. 4 x 12V200ah batteries were chosen and fitted nicely beneath the salon bunks down below. This pack delivers approx. 10Kwh total and 5-7Kwh usable. Plenty enough for the very sailing experienced owner. After all this is a saling boat…!
A basic shore power system was fitted to suit the 1000w DC charger for when alongside.
A critical part of the system was for the boat to be off-grid. Living most of the time on a swinging mooring, the boat had to be able to charge the propulsion batteries. Solar PV was opted for with 4 x compact and dense mono-c panels 120w each. These are being trialled with great success on the coach roof and fitted nicely. Though shading form the boom does effect the output somewhat, there is still enough to charge the modest battery bank to 100% over a sunny weekend from 40% charge state. Alternative panel positions and set ups are being planned by the owner.

Owner of Carter 30
Nigel Waller
Owner of Carter 30

"Lightning Craft provided me with the ideal engine solution, fulfilling my requirements with range, power and solar recharging. An absolute pleasure to deal with this company"

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